cyberfest 2008. the exhibition

we spent a couple of days at the cyberfest in st. petersburg. and now we spent a couple of days in vienna to recover from the massive alcohol consumption we were committed ;-) . the festival was a small event with very nice people. actually it was that kind of social happening i mostly miss on big media art festivals (no time left because of program overflow). to celebrate life and community is quite a russian way of life anyway i realized. what needs to be mentioned in this case is the griaznaya galleria (dirty gallery) operated by airvalie. we had the honour to resident there during our stay. check out some pictures. the gallery also hosts the artist mikhael a crest sator ArXeNeKrOHeN who is the creator of the bragophone – a roboter look alike distillator with an charming alchemic touch – creating secret sounds of braga. it was also part of the exhibition which took place mostly in the youth centre of the state hermitage museum.

Apart from works of the curator anne frants you could find some very interesting installation´s, like ryan wolfe´s poetic work “field of grass” or brose partington´s tide. but check out some impressions of the cyberfest…

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