Superbertram needs YOU!

I lost my memory due to Flickr-Troubles. Somewhere deep within my 250.000 pictures, there was a blurred, shadowed testical, that’s why they just erased/closed my account, instead of marking the whole account as “unsafe”, which is common practice.

And the worst thing: Flickr still refuses me access to my pictures, that’s why i want to do something against this inequity, please join me and find out how to support me at

As long as this struggle continues, i stay in bed and recover from my memory loss.

Sign now, please!

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  • Bulali Lang

    I heard about Flickr stealing the property of Superbertram. Art should not be stolen NOR deleted. Of course the Provider/Flickr can decide not to provide space. BUT what I thought up to now is that a pro-account provides unlimited space.

    Whats definitely against the rules of live is DELETING art, deleting the property of an artist.
    IS THIS ALL A FOOLISH EXCUSE BECAUSE FLICKR COULD NOT COPE WITH 250.000 PICS???? JEAHHH? HEY? Bad for Flickr that they can’t do anything but delete the 250.000 pics. Wil COST Flickr a lot of users, for sure.

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