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Hermann Josef Hack: The whole world is a Climate Refugee Camp

With climate change we all become nomads.

Interview with Hermann Josef Hack. German version only.

Monday, January 26th 2009, the german artist Hermann Josef Hack arranged 200 small tents on the square in front of the Brandenburger Tor to build a miniature version of a refugee camp, the world climate refugee camp. Hack’s art refers to current political issues, for him there is no distinction between art and politics. Furthermore he wants to get in direct contact with the public audience instead of presenting his work in institutional art spaces like museums. That’s why he presents his work in public spaces and likes to watch the reaction of the pedestrians, “the very ones who caused the changes that made people refugees in the first place”.

upcoming: transmediale09


Looking beyond the evolving alarmist scenarios of environmental catastrophe prevalent in the global warming debate, transmediale.09 shifts the focus of this challenge to the broader cultural, societal and philosophical consequences that the collapse of the northern ice barrier reveals.

the tagr.team at this years festival will be bigger than ever over ten peole are on their way from vienna to berlin to cover the exibition, write about the lectures, capture performances and provide an artist interview every day – it’ll be worthwhile to check tagr.tv for new post every day during the festival!

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