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Born Again Ideology: Considerations

At least one week to think about what Arthur Kroker said at the conference in Transmediale the 2th of february. Soon the book “Born against ideologies” will be pubblished, meanwhile some excerpts from that speech.

The canadian researcher point out that after the capitalism it was free to became global, it became an intensive capitalism with no barrier on his multiples trajectories.
But this complex world needs other answers: against the technology and his power structure rise the escatological society.

The escatological society born from the failure of reason. After 500 years dominated by the reason and the technology both the biosphere and the memesphere reacts to the promises not rewarded.
If 20th century was a struggle between the ideologic assolutism and the technological assolutism, the 21th century is about the research of the god killed in the century before. God never died thanx to the failures of reason and technology. Tecnocracy rivitalize faith, science is all about faith, and once it failed, it merged into religion.

The rise of a ideologic compromise between the privatization of religion and the collettivization of science. U.S.A. Represents a unique fusion of the language of technology and the speech of religion: the reason has failed so the technology needs a new light.
The language of will became the fire for the technological research and development. Technology and religion intersects eachother as terrorists and “civilized world” do.

In the era of speed of light the quantic phisycs describe the contemporary politics: oppositions are “galactic singularities” that lives at the same time in the same place. The capitalism became global and the terrorists find a parassistic way of integrating into it.
Are we born again ideology?

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