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F.A.T. Lab tracks Google Streetview car in Berlin

OH SNAP!! Google had one of their Streeview camera cars parked in front of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt right here in Berlin. We put a GPS tracking device it and are following it right now!!!! Check this awesome large map we threw together (updates every 2 min) and follow what we see at @fffffat (twitter) (this will be EPIC!!!!)

from fffff.at via cruchgear

c-base – February 2nd

so we decidet to go somewhere else, some place were we are “allowed”

and went to the c-base. this is an 4.5 billion years old ancient space construction which was discovered underneath berlin mitte, in 1995 (”!”…)
they say: addictet to the cosmic destination of c-base, a community has spawned to pursue concepts compatible for the future, beyond reach. “wow!!!”
on this evening this meant that they were inviting the digital class of the udk berlin, to make someting like a reality check with them.

then a presentation from hannes koch, random_international, london:
that was pretty impressing:

he had someting like a “glow in the dark” screen and a house painter wheel, he made some pics from people
around him, converted them into black and white pixel-pix and then… he paintet them on the screen with
his wheel…
if this sounds confusing to u, watch the video…

Download and play in your prefered Player: kirsche
Or Get Quicktime: apple.com

here are another project, that made me forget the owfull start of the evening
:)) (onestly, i’ m crasy about that!)

GPS shoe

it’s a work from a guy from the digital class of udk, this shoe is similar to a gps system of a car;
u can give the shoe the information where u want to go to, and then it is calculating the way, if u r leaving
the perfekt line, it feels like going up the walls of a tube. so cool!

more about cabboots

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