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friday night: hiroshima mon amour

there is one thing that makes this media art festival really unique: the people here _never_ forget about the social part of a festival – and after years of media art festival hopping i know that this is not quite common. yesterday night we were taken to the “hiroshima mon amour” club . when we entered the venue the reactable performance had just started – i saw the reactabe for the first time a few years ago and i liked the new interface – but when i arrived to the “hiroshima – mon amour” club in turin yesterday i was really impressed that they developed it to a proper instrument which they used to not only show how the interface works but to really rock the house!

after that autechre rocked the house on the mainstage, you can find my first bootleg here. it’s pretty LQ, unedited and really just useful to give you an impression…

as ever the coin has two sides and the parties claim their victims. we managed to take some really nice interviews – some of them are already cut and will be online soon – but most of them are only recorded ad will not be online during the weekend. have to go now, party on… :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :arrow: :mrgreen:

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