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endorse: interview with mary flanagan

this is an interview with mary flanagan while setting up the opening exhibition at laboral centro de arte in gijon, spain – talking about her work, the “giant joystic”:

The Analog Color Field Computer (ACFC)

by Gregory Shakar (US)

this an interview with greg, explaining the work he is exhibiting at the festival


amazon noir

this is an interview with paolo and allesandro – two of the guy’s involved in amazon noir – talking about their current work and why they have chosen this kind of presentation of their work.

this might be a favorite for the award of this festival, i think.


to-share.it 23.-26.1. turin

netmage07 23.-26. 1. bolognia

transmediale 1.-4. 2. berlin

diagonale 19.-25. 3. graz

makeart 2.-8. 4. poitiers (FR) http://makeart.goto10.org



ars07 6.-11. 9. linz

documenta 16.6.-23.9 kassel

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