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Interview with James Powderly (GRL, FAT Lab)

During the Olympic Games in 2008 James Powderly traveled to Beijing in order to support the group “Students for a free Tibet”. The Idea was to go there and do a L.A.S.E.R. Tag performance. Before he was able to do so he was arrested and sentenced to 10 days of prison. When the games were over he was set free and sent home, where he decided to publish the story as a comic book together with Jihoi Lee. In the interview he tells us about the time in prison and the comic book that was exhibited at the Blackriver Festival in Vienna.

This is the L.A.S.E.R. Tag Video by GRL, for everybody who is not familiar with the project:

from http://graffitiresearchlab.com/rotterdam/laser_tag_WEB.mov

Beijing 6 Free

According to Students for a free Tibet (SFT) and a Facebook Group, the “Beijing6” – James Powderly GRL, Brian Conley Alive In Baghdad, Jeffrey Rae, Jeff Rae, Michael Liss, Tom Grant) are free and on their way home.


This happened after the AFP reported on Friday, that “Beijing police said Thursday it had handed out 10-day detention terms to six foreigners believed by an overseas activist group to be pro-Tibet campaigners involved in Olympic protests this week.”

The IHT wrote yesterday, that Washington’s top diplomat in China pressed the government to immediately free foreign activists jailed for protesting at the Olympics and criticized Beijing on Sunday for failing to use the games to show “greater tolerance and openness.”

My guess is: They just don’t care anymore since the games are over and want to get rid of them – asap. We’re waiting for a Statement of the persons concerned and will publish it here – asap.

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