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Interview with Richard Barbrook -“THE GAME OF WAR”

Richard Barbrook and the Class Wargames team performed their new version of Guy Debord’s “Game of War” at the Cyberfest 2008. After the performance we managed to have a little walk through St. Petersburg’s Hermitage where the Cyberfest takes place.

Richard Barbrook @ net culture lab – “Imaginary Futures”

October 24th Richard Barbrooks presented his new book “Imaginary Futures” at the net culture lab in Vienna. Here is the taped presentation, i didn’t manage to sync it with screenshots of the presentation he is refering to yet – you can download his presentation file here.

This is an interview with Richard Barbrook talking about his new book – quite interesting 4:30 abstract:

More Informations are available on the imaginaryfutures.net homepage.
Review of the book (in german) available on thenextlayer.org

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