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sonar the art experience: le zidane

official still

douglas gordon and philippe parrenos portrait of zinedine zidane left me with a profound impression.
the film has a length of 90 minutes and shows the football player, keeps close focus on him during the match of real madrid contra villa-real on april 23rd 2005. only very short wide shots of the stadium, the field and halls, and parts of the television emission interrupt the camera close-ups on zidanes feet and face.
this shift from the usual football match perception of the whole team as a unit and the ball as center point of attention towards the close-up observation of a single person acting and reacting to the happenings on the field has tremendous impact.
what at first seems like a steady close-up, including surprisingly clear sound from the field and clearly audible zidane, later develops into more and more layers of perception.
we see zidane not only playing the ball, after a while we notice that he remains highly concentrated, but then you can almost see his thoughts shifting as the attention level drops because theres nothing going on close by, or him getting very agressive due to a failed pass. and suddenly he also seems nervous, although he remains quite serious throughout the match.
through slowly noticed changes in the soundscape (main contributor to the soundtrack are british soundscaperock artists mogwai) or the minimally set subtitles gordon and parreno add even more layers to the portrait. suddenly the inner eye sees zidane as a boy playing backyard football, or we hear his reflections on the character of being a pro football player on the huge field with this humongous crowd.
for me this film can not merely be called a simple portrait, it is a carefully assembled composition of impressions, sounds and feelings, more reluctant that a conventional desription of a famous person but poetic in its narrative and developing unusual perspectives on zidane and football. maybe for this the addition: a portrait of the 21st century. a very poetic one.

watch a small portion of the film:

the fittest survive….

ein film von oliver ressler. der österreichische filmemacher hat sich in seinem film ‘the fittest survive’ einer nicht alltäglichen thematik angenommen. in dem 23min video dokumentiert er einen survival kurs, der von ehemaligen elitesoldaten für manager abgehalten wird, um sie auf businessreisen in den irak vorzubereiten.

sehr sachlich und ohne aufs auge zu drücken, führt er den betrachter in die thematik ein, und zeigt wie lebensfeindlich ein gefechtsfeld sein kann. die kursteilnehmer erleben eine chaotische situation nach der anderen, und erkennen sehr schnell, dass sie in realistischen kriegssituationen von einem augenblick auf den anderen sterben können.

solcherart vorbereitet können sie dann auf wirtschaftliche selbstmordeinsätze geschickt werden, um im immer schneller werdenden wettbewerb auch die gefährlichen geschäftsabschlüsse an land ziehen zu können. im untergehenden turbokapitalismus scheint ja die arbeit an krisenherden immer lukrativer zu werden…

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