deaf07 shortreview

late review of DEAF07. because i participated the trackingworkshop i didnt have much time to write during the festival, and also it was packed with not-to-be-missed program, so it was a real good and interesting festival i can recommend !
interact or die !!!

i dont see the interaction as a destiny like luca, but more like a dying hype in mediaart. last years interaction was a main theme and i understand the title it is more like a persiflage on interaction.
Generally speaking – everything is interaction. Every perception is already an action, so perceiving an “non-interactive work” is already interacting.
In the Symposium on Saturday Interaction was a maintheme, seen from different perspectives like artistic, architectonic, social, political, biological and cognitive. The speakers were Detlef Mertins, Lars Spuybroek, Howard Caygill, Noortje Marres and Jeanne van Heeswijk

A pity i missed, but it should be online as realvideostream
also the other seminars you should be able to watch

There is also a very good blog with loads of pix and interviews with some artists on the DEAF website

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