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Transmediale 2010 Award Winners announced


In the Award Ceremony on Saturday, 6 February, Barbara Kisseler (Permanent Secretary of the State of Berlin) and the members of both juries announced the winners of both the transmediale Award 2010 and the Vilém Flusser Theory Award 2010!

Canadian artist Michelle Teran is the winner of the transmediale Award 2010. Her work Buscando al Sr. Goodbar was awarded with a prize of 6,000 Euros.
A Distinction worth 2,000 Euros was given to the Americans Aaron Koblin and Daniel Massey for their work Bicycle Built For Two Thousand.

The Vilém Flusser Theory Award 2010, also worth 2,000 Euros, was given to biologist and artist Warren Neidich (us/de) for his research project Neuropower.


chapter I – the discovery

we proudly present one of our favourite artworks nominated for the transmediale award 2010 : chapter I – the discovery from the spanish artist Félix Luque Sánchez which is exhibited in the cervantes institute near alexanderplatz. we had the pleasure to get him for an interview. so listen to him personally :

and here´s the docuvideo by himself including the first room :

a walk trough the exhibition of transmediale 2010 with jaromil

ok, this is as quick and dirty as it gets: today i met jaromil in the hkw and he agreed to do a walktrough with me – so i grabbed the camera i had on me and we started right away – see what jaromil has to tell us…

jaromil will also take part in “the futurity long conversation” on friday starting at 14:00 in the hkw auditorium.

Graffiti Analysis by Evan Roth and Chris Sugrue

Graffiti Analysis 2.0 takes live tags and transforms them into active 3D animations. The project is by Evan Roth and software development by Chris Sugrue and was recently showcased at the BLK River Festival in Vienna.

Eyewriter at Blackriverfestival

Three members of the eye-writer initiative tell us about their project, how it started and how it developed. There is more great video documentation available on vimeo, like this clip:

Japan Media Arts Festival in Vienna MQ

The Japan Media Arts Festival chooses every year another country to show their currently awarded and nominated pieces in an exhibition abroad.
This years the exhibition takes place in Vienna. It shows very well that the Japanese art definition differs from the European approach quite a lot, the border between art and design is floating as you can see by the selection of pieces in the exhibition.

Atsushi Wakimoto, the curator of the Japan Media Arts Festival walks us trough the viennese exhibition of the Festival which is running until 20th of September.

Coded Cultures – Exploring Creative Emergences

 Wenn die Maus schreit

Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, eine Computermaus zu zerstören. Zehn davon hat das japanische Künstlerduo exonemo in der aus Videos und einem Computerprogramm bestehenden Installation “DanmatsuMouse” gesammelt. Einmal saust ein Vorschlaghammer auf das Plastikgadget, ein anderes Mal fräst sich die Klinge eines Küchenmessers durch das Zeigegerät.

Ein Computerprogramm sorgt dafür, dass die reale Maus auf dem Desktop die “Todeserfahrung” ihres gefilmten Pendants nachvollziehen kann und gleichsam final zuckt. Zu sehen ist “DanmatsuMouse” bei der Ausstellung des Coded-Cultures-Festivals, das derzeit im Wiener MuseumsQuartier stattfindet und japanische und österreichische Positionen in der Medienkunst einander gegenüberstellt.

Zum Auftakt der “Futurezone Galerie” hat Matthias Tarasiewicz vom Coded-Cultures-Kuratorenteam Ella Esque vom Wiener Medienkunstblog durch die Ausstellung geführt. Die beiden unterhalten sich unter anderem über Martin Pichlmairs Arbeit “Bagatelle Concrete”, die einen Flipper zur Soundmaschine ummodelt, und über Yuko Mohris Installation “The Execution of Mary”, die elektronische Geräte zweckentfremdet.

Coded Cultures endet am Sonntag. Die Festivalausstellung ist noch bis zum 7. Juni im freiraum des Wiener MuseumsQuartiers zu sehen.

Coded Cultures
– Wien 27. – 31. Mai 2009, Yokohama und Tokio 14. – 18. Oktober 2009

Open Calls: Piksel Fest & transmediale10


The guys of Pikselfest in Norway are now accepting proposals in the categories installation, a/v performance, presentations and workshops. As ever – ” Projects realised using Max/Msp/Jitter, Flash/Shockwave, Final Cut or any other proprietary software does NOT qualify, and should not be submitted!”


Next years transmediale also published the call for entries.

I couldn’t find something like a theme or a subject – the next step after getting rid of the categories a few years ago? Would make sense imho, artistic production usually doesn’t care too much about festival themes anyway..

transmediale09 “Deep North” rundown

i finally managed to finish the summary of this years transmediale – it’s a tough job to create a span of all the topics the transmediale is covering, but i think it’s gives a rough idea, but see yourself:

comments welcome!

A walk through the exhibition with Stephen Kovats, Artistic Director of transmediale.09, Part 3

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