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Interactivos in NY and Mexico

interactivos_bannerWhile taking part at Interactivos workshop in Madrid, i realized that the call for collaborators at eyebeam in NY ends today, but the call for projects for Interactivos in Mexico is still open until 8th of June:

The workshop aims to use open hardware and software tools to create prototypes that explore the relations between machines and humour/laughter

Laughter is a psychological phenomenon that is a human characteristic. Frequently associated with fun, play and pleasure, it serves as a way of communicating moods that are not always positive or pleasurable. Laughter can be intelligent or stupid, liberating, forced, nervous, contagious or sinister. The incongruent and the unexpected provoke laughter; however, depending on the context, they can also cause terror. Laughter is also a social phenomenon. To be shared, a common cultural milieu is required. As a result, it can reinforce belonging to a group and also exclude “others”.

plus, very important:

Lodging will be provided at a hostel for the authors of the selected projects.

Travel expenses will also be covered for one person for each of the selected projects.

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