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Performance by Julia Starsky & Uschi Reiter

performance by uschi reiter and julia zdarsky at transmediale

transmediale 2007 opening

here we go with the first videos from the transmediale. first we have a few words from andreas bröckmann (he will leave the transmediale team after this years edition of the transmediale) and than a short snippet from pierre bastien’s “orchestre mecanique”.

ctm musiktips

ein kleiner ueberblick von einem echtem pro, mister dj alive:
“also des programm is musikalisch ned übermässig, aber ein paar gustostückelr sind natürlich immer dabei….

dieser mesterhazy spielt super electronica/experimental sets .. da is wahrscheinlich der abend recht nett obwohli niemanden sonst kenn.

der abend wo noze spielt, der aber sicher der langweiligste act an dem abend sein wird schaut echt gut aus … vor alllem feadz und der jay haze mitseinem neuen fuckpony projekt … lecker – wenn man drauf steht.

und natürlich rechenzentrum(magichnichtso) und pole!!!! band … wenn das ser deutsche pole is dann isses super elktronischer minimal dub .. und der tip des programms.

ich hoff ich hab alle klarheiten beseitigt”


Contact, originally uploaded by tagr_tv.

Tagr release candidate

Tagrunderconstruction, originally uploaded by tagr_tv.

tagr .tv finallly online. we managed to upload an release candidate by 30th jan. 2007. big up martin f. for doing the quick job, this guy knows how to use coffee and ziggies c u in berlin award ceremony

After seeing the pieces installed in the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin, the jury of the Share Prize 2007 has decided that the winner of this first edition is: Human Browser, Cristophe Bruno (Francia)

Honorary mention:, UBERMORGEN.COM, Paolo Cirio, Alessandro Ludovico (AT, USA, IT)


Jury: Alex Adriaansens (director v2 and DEAF, Rotterdam) Carolyn Christov Bakargiev (chef curator Castello di Rivoli, Torino) Joasia Krysa (curator / lecturer at the Faculty of Technology, University of Plymouth) Vicente Matallana (director LaAgencia, Madrid) Gefried Stocker (director of Ars Electronica, Linz)

Jury statement
In 2006 the Share Festival launched a world wide call for proposals for artists working in the field of digital art and culture. This is the third edition of the Festival and the first time the Share Festival included a prize competition.

From over 200 submitted works, an international jury shortlisted six works that were exhibited at the festival, from which one prize winner is selected. The entries came from all over the world and included diverse art forms addressing a wide range of artistic, social and cultural issues. Many of the entries were interdisciplinary in character, reflecting the diversity of creative approaches. Like with many other festivals, there is one prize only that is not tied to a specific technology or genre but rather to their combination and to the expression of ideas.
The quality of the entries were high and the majority were from young emerging artists.

This confirms the need for platforms where artists can present and reflect on their work and that of their colleagues. In this way, the jury considers the prize to be a stimulus for new production and to create visibillity for digital art practice (still rather peripheral to the contemporary art world).

The theme of the Share Festival 2007 is Digital Affinity/Communities Now. Much consideration is given to processes and protocols that regulate communities through creative, reflexive, technological and innovative exchanges:

Communities then are not just new forms of aggregation, but a way of being and living, a collective and humanitarian project, a culture that links one billion and 80 million people today. The bonds between these people are not just geographical or family based, but inspired by cultural, ideological and political affinity. (Share 2007)

bruce sterling lecture

you want close 2 realtime, you get it.

this is bruce sterling at the final lecture of the toshareit festival. 5 min ago.
i missed the first few minutes, he started by reviewing the exhibition… AND refered to the shockbot as his personal favorite. yeah.

3 parts, ~20min all together

afterwards, he was asked if flickr might help to preserve information, this is what he thinks about it:

this is what i call close2realtime:

The Analog Color Field Computer (ACFC)

by Gregory Shakar (US)

this an interview with greg, explaining the work he is exhibiting at the festival

amazon noir

this is an interview with paolo and allesandro – two of the guy’s involved in amazon noir – talking about their current work and why they have chosen this kind of presentation of their work.

this might be a favorite for the award of this festival, i think.

revver vs. youtube

as far as i can say until now, it simply doesn’t matter. if you want the video to be displayed slightly bigger choose revver (you can still downsize it in the source code of the post), if you want to be sure that it loads without delay choose youtube.

youtube has the logo embedded in the video, which sucks. revver’s logo is in the menu, therefore you have a commercial after the video on revver.

i’not quite sure, but i think revver has slightly more artefacts in the video then youtube. also, there is a sort of approval process going on at revver, it takes around an hour to get your video accepted by revver.

i actually think that the quality of is great – might be another option, but i’m having troubles with the upload… at the max. video size is 150mb.. has the nicest interface and leaves the video in qt if u prefer but doesn’t work really well with wordpress..
i’d say we just leave it up to every editor which platform to choose.. this and that site might help – maybe we should start a service ranking
plz comment your thougts, tagr headz!

a few thoughts by others:

the same geek made this.

turin midnight greetings on Vimeo

Hochgeladen von nrsz

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