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visual impressions ARS 2009

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bragofon liquidator @ roboexotica 2008

i did an interview with the artist mikhael a crest sator ArXeNeKrOHeN who is the creator of the bragophone – a roboter look alike distillator with an charming alchemic touch – creating secret sounds of braga. he did the final distillation on the closing day of roboexotica. watch the interview and parts of the final distillation….

cyberfest 2008. the exhibition

we spent a couple of days at the cyberfest in st. petersburg. and now we spent a couple of days in vienna to recover from the massive alcohol consumption we were committed ;-) . the festival was a small event with very nice people. actually it was that kind of social happening i mostly miss on big media art festivals (no time left because of program overflow). to celebrate life and community is quite a russian way of life anyway i realized. what needs to be mentioned in this case is the griaznaya galleria (dirty gallery) operated by airvalie. we had the honour to resident there during our stay. check out some pictures. the gallery also hosts the artist mikhael a crest sator ArXeNeKrOHeN who is the creator of the bragophone – a roboter look alike distillator with an charming alchemic touch – creating secret sounds of braga. it was also part of the exhibition which took place mostly in the youth centre of the state hermitage museum.

Apart from works of the curator anne frants you could find some very interesting installation´s, like ryan wolfe´s poetic work “field of grass” or brose partington´s tide. but check out some impressions of the cyberfest…

ARS Electronica 2008 on Youtube

I made a playlist of videos i found on youtube from this years ARS Electronica Festival. Most of them from the FH St. Pölten.

ARS Electronica 2008

This years theme of the ARS Electronica Festival “a new cultural economy” has been a big challenge for Gerfried Stocker, Christine Schöpf and their team. Maybe my expectations are far to high in concerns of this topic because if i look back to the festival i can´t find a dispute with or a deep investigation into this theme. We are allready familiar with the advantages of web 2.0 and open source at least for us users, but what about the dark side of the holy participation movement ? I think this comes down to a very basic question about ARS Electronica and their positioning. Their idea is a common consideration of art, technology and society far from technical and industrial interests as they write in their pressmap. At least it´s their idea. My reception was kind of different, but i didn´t attend all conferences and lectures to be honest. To present the “University of Tokyo” as a kind of figurehead is at least straightforward in our new cultural economy which heads towards creative industries. Alright, enough complaints. Like every year you find some interesting works out of this huge range of works, and some i even managed to document. funny that two of this works are out of tokyo university. even though the most of the works there were kind of unsubstantial i found some funny ideas and charming realisation like in the installation “ephemeral melody”. but check out the videos…

check out also the official ARS project we guide you where visitors where invited to participate and document the festival.

Florian Cramer about “Software Art and Mobile Media”

Florian Cramer vom Piet Zwart Institut hat uns auf der Klasse für Digitale Kunst besucht und hielt einen Vortrag zum Thema “Software Art and Mobile Media”

sound:frame festival symposion

Ist VJing Kunst ? diese Frage stellten sich ein paar namhafte Vertreter der österreichischen Visualistenszene bei einem Symposion des sound:frame Festivals im Künstlerhaus.

transmediale.08 archive

this year transmediale was back in Haus der Kulturen der Welt which is a big and perfect location for such an event. Not only because again it was gathering people from allround the world related to the digital art bubble for communication, inspiration and conspiration.

and conspire. was even the theme of this years transmediale. but the fact that an artwork is incomprehensibly not necessarily means that it´s conspirativ – some works in the exhibtion were hard to /unpack – not only because of a missing text which might give you an idea. But i think it´s a strange human habbit anyway to try to comprehend everything. and if you need to satisfy your understanding of art reception – insert a coin.

documentation of the festival, like lectures and interviews can be found on transmediale archiv and here

digital theremin workshop

part of the club transmediale were the xxxxx-workshops which where held in the ballhaus naunyn. i tried to participate in all the workshops, but due to lack of sleep and a missed flight to berlin i only participated in the digital theremin workshop which was held by andrey smirnov from the theremin center in moscow and derek holzer. smirnov introduced us to the history of the known theremin instrument and lots of interesting info about leon theremin and his other inventions and his connections to secret services.


after a short introduction of pd by derek holzer, who also curated the worskhop series together with Martin Howse, we started to play around with the small digital theremin boards connected either via arduino board or via the standard mic/line input of our computers… pretty cool stuff the small digital theremin boards – because of digital tuning of the two oscillators it is very convenient and usefull even for installations, because there is no need for manual tuning which is a problem for analog theremins. so this was really a very good and interesting workshop which i was happy to attend. it was organized by pickledfeet and they are very active in knowledge transfer – so watch out for upcoming events.


little advice in the end : don´t try pd on macbooks with leopard yet – it nearly destroyed my computer, because it didn´t go to sleep mode after i closed it.

chat @ maria @ transmediale.08

chat by aram bartholl is a mobile messaging system – people with portable keyboards – followed by moving speech bubbles – projecting the messages above their heads. you might know aram bartholl from his other works like TV-Filter and Random Screen


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